Hotel Brunnen is a secret resort hidden in the UK. Founded by Micheal Brunnen in 1998 this lucrative hotel has remained a secret for 17 years.

It’s exact location has remained a well kept secret over the years thanks to our guests.

We can only imagine what you are thinking right now and are guessing that you would like us to “spill the beans”.

But why would we do that after all these years?

We wouldn’t…

hotel brunnen

Hotel Brunnen only opens its doors to people who show random acts of kindness. If one of our reps spots one of the general public in …. performing a random act of kindness they will be invited as guest for a luxury two night stay courtesy of Hotel Brunnen.


I hope that your visit to our site has sparked your inquisition thus leading you to dig a little deeper into Hotel Brunnens where about.



Micheal Brunnen