Terrible News.

Post written by Micheal


I’m hoping your enjoying the great content our marketing team have been posting.

As you may know our location is top secret, which means we are also well hidden (by lots of trees).

Unfortunately due to severe winds over the past few days a great big oak has plummeted through our lobby and made a huge mess of my hotel.

Due to health and safety we are not currently able to operate in business and for the next few months we are going to be closed.

It’s now down to the rapid response of a local tree services company Birmingham Tree Surgeons to deal with this great big oak tree and also survey the surrounding trees and make sure they are also safe.

Once our premises is safe restoration work on my hotel is going to be carried out by a local contractor who originally built this hotel, however as we all know construction is a slow game and there scheduled completion date is 12/07/2016 assuming the tree surgeons have made the area safe.

Will keep you posted

~ Micheal.

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Things to Know with Hotels Mixed with Business

More and more establishments today are being optimized to ensure better business. This is due to the fact that to every business, there is a peak and low periods. One of these are hotels mixed with business that guarantee 100 percent income all throughout the year. While hotels are known to be a viable business, depending on the location and type of the hotel, it may have a high and low business months. This is why it is good to mix another business in managing a hotel. Among the best choices on this is a restaurant, a grocery, and a laundry service company.

In choosing the type of business that will fall under the category hotels mixed with business, there are a few things that have to be considered. Among these are:

What Comprises a Great Hotel Mixed With Business?

What Comprises a Great Hotel Mixed With Business?

Defining a great Birmingham hotel mixed with business is very crucial for the marketing efforts and success of hotels. A marketing mix is usually utilized in order to indicate many marketing variables used by sales team in order to target the specific guests or the market segments such as leisure, conference, groups, transient, corporate, etc.

Normally, the marketing mix is prepared by the sales managers or the director of marketing and sales. The hotels mixed with business need to have the right services and facilities, define great promotional strategies (both offline and online) and ultimately, with the right/reasonable pricing.

  1. Service/Facilities – This should be your first consideration because without this, the marketing team of the hotel will have nothing to provide or deliver to their potential customers/guests. The usual products offered in Birmingham hotel industry nowadays include the following:

How Hotels Make You Money

Hotel Marketing Mix

In order to capture huge revenue in running hotel business, many entrepreneurs and business owners have submerged to the idea of reinforcing their ROI through acquisition of other businesses to their hotel operation. Nowadays, hotels are not just limited in providing the typical BNB (bread and breakfast) experience to their guests, rather, they’ve also incorporated other businesses (such as offering related service like entertainment and gambling) to leverage their sales and marketing effort. Most of the revenue is not just solely generated through accommodation, but also through selling services to the customers.

Hotel mixed with business are typically infused with facilities and other amenities to develop better promotional strategy among clients, such as adding spa, bars, shops, boutique, travel desk and banquet halls to their establishment. This amenity doesn’t only provide added revenue for business owners, but it also offer customers with an easy access to specific service or facility just within the hotel. In most cases, full-service hotel contain upscale facilities that are comprised with large volume of on-site amenities such as health club, ballrooms, shops, travel decks and on-site conference facilities—in which sizes, room types and rates can vary when owned and operated by a chain.

Hotels Mixed With Marketing Businesses

Hotels Mixed With Marketing Business

Hotels alone may not have a lot of customers as we look at its main use. So people will just check in to sleep, or rest and go out without having a lot of positive feedbacks. It will just turn in a cycle like being satisfied with the food, bed, and the services of the personnel. If the owners want to go beyond, they can do innovation and that is merging their hotels with marketing business.

As stated having the hotels mixed with other businesses, it can capture a lot of opportunities in the market. And it will benefit the owners of a particular hotel. The more things to offer, the more profit you will gain in your business which is a good thing on the part of the business owners.

After merging your hotels to businesses, there are things that you and other business owners should be considered and here are a few: