Terrible News.

Post written by Micheal


I’m hoping your enjoying the great content our marketing team have been posting.

As you may know our location is top secret, which means we are also well hidden (by lots of trees).

Unfortunately due to severe winds over the past few days a great big oak has plummeted through our lobby and made a huge mess of my hotel.

Due to health and safety we are not currently able to operate in business and for the next few months we are going to be closed.

It’s now down to the rapid response of a local tree services company Birmingham Tree Surgeons to deal with this great big oak tree and also survey the surrounding trees and make sure they are also safe.

Once our premises is safe restoration work on my hotel is going to be carried out by a local contractor who originally built this hotel, however as we all know construction is a slow game and there scheduled completion date is 12/07/2016 assuming the tree surgeons have made the area safe.

Will keep you posted

~ Micheal.

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