Hotels Mixed With Marketing Businesses

Hotels Mixed With Marketing Business

Hotels alone may not have a lot of customers as we look at its main use. So people will just check in to sleep, or rest and go out without having a lot of positive feedbacks. It will just turn in a cycle like being satisfied with the food, bed, and the services of the personnel. If the owners want to go beyond, they can do innovation and that is merging their hotels with marketing business.

As stated having the hotels mixed with other businesses, it can capture a lot of opportunities in the market. And it will benefit the owners of a particular hotel. The more things to offer, the more profit you will gain in your business which is a good thing on the part of the business owners.

After merging your hotels to businesses, there are things that you and other business owners should be considered and here are a few:

Product and Service

The product or the service that a hotel offers is like accommodation services. Usually the profits come from selling rooms to people. Aside from the given situation, there are other things that contribute to the income say for instance restaurants, laundry services, spa, and others. However, most of revenues are taken from occupying rooms.


The pricing technique that a specific hotel has four kinds: First, the economy pricing approach which means offering products or services with common features and usually for customers who have low budget. Second, the penetration pricing approach; in this kind of strategy, a hotel offers products or services with high quality at a low cost. Third, is the skimming, which means offering products or services at a higher cost than its competitors. This is being done with a reason that the hotels have high quality. And lastly, is the premium pricing technique, which means offering products or services at a high cost but with extraordinary quality.

Promotion or Marketing strategy

A hotel should have a flexible promotion or marketing strategy to be able to catch the interest of all people locally, nationally and of course internationally. Once you hear the word marketing, you will think about promoting a particular product to a group of individuals. However, it is not easy as eating a pie. The process is difficult to make during actual scenario which requires business owners to be knowledgeable enough when it comes to the potential market’s needs and wants.

Promotion or marketing strategy encompasses many things. Let’s give you some of those and these are advertising which means using a premium or media like radio, television, or in a form of a newspaper. Next is personal selling which involves hotel sale representative. This is really advantageous because it tempts customer to experience a specific hotel service. Next is sales promotion which means exhorting various potential customers while offering incentives. This is really common to hotels because the people behind that want to make the hotels as the people top choice in the business.

Thus, mixing hotels to businesses is really great on your part. You will have a strong impression to all potential customers and you will be the leading option among them.

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